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Centre Suisse d’Electronique

et de Microtechnique SA (CSEM)


CSEM is a Research and Technology Organization (RTO). In this project, the main tasks of CSEM’s Characterization and Quality Assurance (CQA) unit was to understand failure modes, establish the reliability protocols, participate in developing the rules for FIT (Failure in Time), establish the test plans and partially realize them. Although the Si-based MEMS are clean room activities developed in CSEM 25 years ago, the MEMR is a complementary component in comparison with MEMS/MOEMS, giving CQA the opportunity to develop new expertise and obtain new knowledge.


The proposed SELECTOR project provided the opportunity to complete reliability protocol and testing, which would be used in the future for space applications and other competitive markets, such as medical and/or automotive. The expertise obtained by failure modes, working with microstructure and reliability tests make the CQA stronger for the future and better equip the EU industries to quickly bring more reliable and better performing MEMS, MOEMS and MEMR products to the market.


Due to their involvement in failure analysis and reliability, CQA of CSEM has published articles in scientific journals about the reliability methodology they developed. It has provided visibility for future projects with industrial partners and make a bigger impact on industry-driven priorities related to reliability.



Expected impact

CSEM has acted as an academic partner in this project. The knowledge obtained during the SELECTOR project has helped CQA of CSEM propose new tests and reliability protocols for high-quality products to various industries.


This project made CQA’s position in the field of reliability and failure analysis stronger. CQA has proposed its capacity to define the protocols and tests for their products, especially in markets that require harsh operational conditions. Based on the new competencies developed during this project, the CQA has been able to increase the number of employees working on industry requests and R&D projects focused on designing more reliable products for the market.

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