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Thales Alenia Space (TAS)


With its SpaceFlex product, TAS is aggressively positioned in both space and ground markets, providing complementary solutions to its customers. Throughout SELECTOR, TAS’s prepares the next generation of converter subsystems based on SMT, aiming to reduce cost and mass by over 50%. Once validated within SELECTOR, the concept of merging redundancy rings within equipment could address several space markets that require redundancy. This is the case for various frequency bands from L, S, C, Ku and Ka (frequency spectrum from 1 to 30 GHz) with low power.


Figure 23: TAS's product development strategy over the years

Expected Impact

The other commercial applications foreseen are primarily HTS (High Throughput Satellite), FSS (Fixed Satellite Services), MSS (Mobile Satellite Services), navigation, Earth observation and space exploration.  In addition, the capability of the MEMR component to withstand high microwave power in hot switching configuration up to 150 W in L band will lead to potential application for medium power redundancy rings and relevant selectivity matrices.

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