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Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV)


UPV (through its R&D Group on Microwave Applications from Research Institute on Telecommunications and Multimedia Applications, iTEAM) is a key player in analyzing and designing passive microwave components. They specialize in the practical use of available full-wave commercial software, and they are skilled in developing specific software tools to deal with all kinds of problems. The GAM-UPV team, in close collaboration with the company AURORASAT (former spin-off of the GAM research group), has expertise and heritage in analyzing high-power breakdown effects of the space market. They have achieved this expertise through several R&D activities developed for the European Space Agency (ESA).


Their participation in SELECTOR was an opportunity to extend GAM-UPV's capabilities in the high-power area of additional types of components not yet covered. This has expanded the range of applicability of its tools and techniques, widely extending their present capabilities. On top of this, it has also opened new market niches such as high-power medical applications. Overall, this activity helped to achieve a significant increase of potential new research areas and active participation in new international projects.


Expected impact

The objective of UPV (R&D GAM group) was to expand its current research activities in the areas of new prediction techniques of high-power effects and novel high-frequency technologies, in order for other products and components (like the ones to be considered in the framework of this activity) to be widely employed in next-generation commercial satellite applications. One of the main objectives of GAM-UPV was to extend their practical knowledge of the two main research areas, thus gaining a more general experience that they can apply to larger market niches in the future.


The goal was not just to expand the current market of the components to be considered in this project (i.e. the space sector), but to be able to penetrate other market niches such as medical applications and large scientific structures (e.g. particle accelerators). For these purposes, the strategy can be divided into two main phases:


  • Phase 1: Increase knowledge through additional research capabilities gained through executing this project, which eased the extension of our present capabilities (in terms of high power and high-frequency technologies) to other products for the same sector (space).

  • Phase 2: Use newly-acquired capabilities of other products/components for new market niches, such as high-power medical applications.

Because of this activity, GAM-UPV has confirmed its leadership as a participant researching high-power effects and high-frequency technologies for the space sector by increasing its present strengths and capabilities in this area. At the same time, this project allowed the group to apply the newly-acquired knowledge in new market niches with future perspectives. 



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