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The innovative character of the SELECTOR proposed concept is related to its twofold, component and system level demonstration, methodological approach for the full demonstration in operational environment of the selected technology and its targeted space application. As previously detailed, the development up to EPPL level of the targeted SELECTOR MEMR component for the space environment will thus enable afterwards the implementation of a Ka band compact redundancy ring as illustrated in the figure below.


Therefore, both MEMR product and system demonstration, including their respective pre-industrialization and testing in real space mission conditions, will be carried out within the SELECTOR project.

  • At Redundancy ring level: 20% mass reduction and 50% footprint reduction thanks to the use of SELECTOR MEMR component to build a 30 GHz compact Redundancy Ring using SMT technology.

  • At Meta equipment level: an overall 50 % minimum of cost and 50 % additional mass reduction is to be achieved thanks to SMT technology instead of using microelectronic hybrid technology.

  • At payload Assembly, Integration and Test (AIT) level: New architecture is now possible where equipment is more autonomous because it includes its own redundancy. This approach relaxes design complexity so as a result testing constraint at level of payload. This can be evaluated to 100 k€ non-recurring cost saving on each payload program.

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